Screaming Child Results in Traffic Citation

I’m not all anti-establishment nor am I overly worried about the government wrongfully encroaching on my civil liberties.

My day consists of cleaning up bodily fluids and screaming “Nandeeeeeeeeee Bear loves Babeeeeeeee Mac.”  Obviously, I’m way too busy to concern myself with matters as trivial as my constitutional rights or what those dip-shits in Congress are up to now.

You know what does concern me?

Having to pay the State $40 for a fucking “Speed Monitoring System Citation.”

Imagine my surprise when I found that little gem in the mail today. The citation is a less than official looking double-sided piece of 8.5 x 11 photocopy paper.  Printed on the paper are three blurry as hell but incriminating photos of your vehicle committing a minor traffic offense.

I’m not debating we were exceeding the posted limit.  We were.

It’s not like we are routine rule breakers or risk takers.  Trust me, we aren’t.

It’s just that we had this wailing little demon in the backseat of the car, it was late, and we JUST NEEDED TO GET HOME!!!

I know it’s not a valid excuse for exceeding the posted speed limit. . .I just can’t help but wonder if we had been clocked and pulled over by an actual human being police officer, perhaps a little clemency would have been granted and there would be an extra $40 in my booze budget this month?


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