Occupy My Head Already. I @!#$% Dare You!

I’m pretty much apolitical at this point in my life. I’m also pretty reluctant to watch or read the “news.”  I worked for big financial institutions for the past 11 years (through 3 mergers – I never left my desk aside for having to interview for my own job every time).

I don’t want to sound spoiled. Or ridiculous.  But I don’t understand exactly what the Occupy Movement is attempting to accomplish?  It feels to me more like a camping adventure than a protest.  I always thought if you wanted to change the status quo, you needed to do more than camp out and hold a sign with a “99%” on it.

I’m not saying I’m against the Occupy movement.  I’m pretty much a fucking liberal, open-minded, free for all.  Having a legal education, I will always be cognizant of the rights of the minority v the majority.

I know there are huge swaths of society that do not have the appropriate resources.   My heart aches for them.  I understand certain corporations have done ridiculous things and our Government behaves in an infantile manner.  Don’t even get me started on the mainstream media!  What I don’t understand is how camping out in a tent is going to create any effective long lasting change.

If you are smart enough to want to be a part of the Occupy movement, then perhaps you should spend your time writing, tweeting, volunteering, helping, working for change – even if that means you are “under-employed” or otherwise.  I believe camping out, taking donations of blankets and congratulatory “anniversary cake” while you sleep in quality tents and warm gear, sends mixed messages.

And then there’s this:  I don’t necessarily give much of a damn about this or any other movement.  Let’s all of us shut up and just make an honest, good faith effort to take care of one another as best as we can.  Corporations, by and large, will always act the way they do.  Lawmakers will always dodge the most difficult issues. . .But you can help your neighbor.  You don’t have to crawl into a tent and hold up a sign. . .You could just help one another.  Stop whining.  Help someone.  Help yourself.

And obviously don’t come looking for me. . .I’m beyond help.


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