You Can Accomplish This Before Your Head Effing Explodes: No Sew Tutu

I have a niece that wanted a tutu for playing dress-up.  This project is so easy, I wish I had ten nieces! Here’s how you do it:

Materials:  Tulle, ribbon, scissors

1.  Get a bunch of tulle and a length of complimentary ribbon.  The ribbon should obviously be long enough to go around your little darling’s waist with enough extra to make a generous bow.

2.  Tie the ribbon between two stationary objects.  I used chair backs.

3.  Cut your tulle to the desired length and widths.  The widths need not be exactly the same for each cut.  When you consider the length, keep in mind you will basically fold the tulle over the ribbon so you will lose a little length for the loop/knot.  The tutu will look fuller if you use a slightly longer length and “scrunch” it.  When my tulle came off the bolts, it was folded in half.  I left it that way when I started cutting.  It was probably about 48″ in length total (24″ folded the way it came off the bolt and I cut it).

4.  Once you have some tulle cut, start knotting the tulle over the ribbon:  You will basically be securing the tulle to the ribbon using a slightly modified technique to get a cow hitch knot.

At the top of the fold, make a loop and hold it over the ribbon.





Use your other hand to pull the two free ends through the loop and around the ribbon.  The objective here is to make sure that the smooth side of the loop/knots all face one direction.




5.  Keep cutting and looping until you achieve the desired fullness of the skirt.  Tie the ribbon in a bow and adjust the tulle as you wish.


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