You Can Accomplish This Before Your Head Effing Explodes: “Magnetic Attraction” Valentines

Despite seeming like a snarky bitch, I do have a soft spot for a sweet, homemade Valentine card so I wanted to do it right for Mac’s first Valentine’s Day.

I came up with this slick little plan to use magnetic photos.  They are easy to mail.  They don’t involve a bunch of shitty commercial candy.  Plus, they took about 45 minutes and $15 tops.  Not including addressing the cards – or hand-making the cards and envelopes. . .which I did because I’m a type A psycho.

Fun Fact?  We have all-white bedding.  One might think that’s insane for a household with 5 pets and a kid but it holds up beautifully and launders easily.  It also makes a great back drop for baby photos.  

One morning when the light was nice and I was wholly unmotivated to move too far from our bed, I arranged some scrap red fleece I already had in the loose shape of a heart on the center of our bed.  I put Mac and his good friend and candy thief Suddy on the fleece heart.  I stood over them on the bed and snapped some pics.

I stuffed Mac in the Sleepy Wrap and downloaded the photos into my photo software.  I picked an acceptable shot and cropped the photo to my desired shape/size (I chose a 3″ x 3″ square for this project).

Then I transferred the image (as JPEG) to a Word document.  I lined up the images using a simple copy and paste function so that 6 images fit on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ page (oriented the typical way – portrait).

I loaded my printer with Avery brand printable magnetic sheets.  I followed the enclosed directions mostly and printed the images using the matte photo paper, highest print quality settings on my Canon printer.

Later that day, I took the magnetic photo prints and cut them carefully using super sharp scissors.  Fun Fact?  I’m left handed but use scissors exclusively right-handed.

I used a dab of rubber cement to adhere the magnetic photos onto the actual Valentine’s.  You can add your own corny take on “magnetic attraction.”

Grandma’s Heart will melt!  FINALLY your fat, half-simple ass did something right!  

Love and hugs!


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