Friday Funny

Yeah. . .It’s a tad late.  And I’m long overdue for a few posts.  It’s just that I’ve acquired a bird flu of sorts.

I’m obsessed with birding.

I have always loved birding but things around here have reached a fever pitch.  My Husband has become a huge enabler.  Nearly every waking (and sleeping) moment has become consumed with birds.

Our poor son.  I swear he starts crying when he sees the Patterson Park Boat Lake coming into focus from his stroller!  I drag that poor kid to the Lake nearly every day.  And if there’s a noteworthy bird, my Husband stops there even before coming home just so he can see it too.

I swear I have a good “Head Explodes” idea/tutorial in the works to share soon.  And I have a few good kid stories/video to share. . .Until then, enjoy the Friday Funny and please forgive the tardiness.  I’ve been busy stalking birds.

Observe, small diaper clad kid just hanging out in the window.  It’s like watching a spider monkey at the zoo. . .but without all the dung flinging.


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