Win Some Goodies: How Well Do You Know Me?

Becoming Cliche did a fun post where she apparently told some truths and some whoppers. . .and she asked her followers to weed out the fact from the fiction.  Every single item was witty and cleverly deceptive.

The post reminded me of an exercise I was forced to participate in during an Alternative Dispute Resolution Class years ago in law school.  We had to go around the class and tell stories.  Some of the stories were true and some were false.  The class was to sort it out.

I learned my BS meter is relatively accurate.  However I got tripped up by the vodka tonics my friend Mandy and I drank before class by a woman who said she went to Target that day and purchased some balloons and various other household goods.  She said she spent $30.17.  I thought she was lying.  There’s no way anyone gets out of Target under $200.  They just have too much cool crap ya’ gotta have.  I was mistaken.  This woman subsequently became my newly frugally minded hero but that’s another post. . .

I decided I could perhaps do a similar fun exercise for all of my followers. . .You deserve a treat for being so sweet so I plan to offer up some goodies in exchange for your comments true, semi-true, or hell no.   I will randomly select one lucky commenter to win 6 positively decadent cupcakes from AimeeCayks.

You can check out how awesome Aimee is at  Trust me, her goodies do not disappoint.  The only thing sweeter than her cupcayks is Aimee herself.  Don’t pass up these goodies!  Comment early and often!

Please note that due to the preservative free and delicate nature of these treats, Aimee can only accommodate shipping to certain parts of the contiguous US.  Should you live outside the delivery area, I’m happy to hook you up with 6 cuppies of your choice from your favorite bakery (maximum retail value $25).  This contest is limited to the continental United States, regardless of delivery, bakery, etc.  

Pop Quiz:  True or False?

1.  I have inadvertently peed on a rattlesnake.

2.  My secret childhood grown up goal was to be a Solid Gold Dancer.

3.  I am an ordained minister.

4.  I once euthanized a pet Hamster.  The Hamster cost $8.  Five years later, it cost me $30 to euthanize her.  On our last car trip to the vet’s office I sang “The Rainbow Connection” to her and cried.

5.  After four years of Latin, the only thing I can still speak is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

6.  I have hand sewn dolls and doll clothes for dear friends by request.  One doll came with a detachable penis.  Another had a huge growth on its forehead and wore a fur-trimmed plaid trench coat.

7.  I extracted one of my own adult/permanent teeth with a pair of pliers after partially breaking it following an unfortunate rollerblading accident on a holiday weekend in college.

8.   Despite never attending a birthing class, my husband practically caught our son following a “comedy” of errors and oversights by our hospital’s medical staff.

9.  I know every word to “shook me all night long” and I have a dance for “pour some sugar on me.”

10.  I am nearly obsessed with freshly sharpened Dixon Ticonderoga pencils.  The yellows are classic but I adore the black varietal.  They smell glorious!

Thoughts?  Care to comment?

You have ONE WEEK to comment.  Free cupcayks for comments ends Wed 2/29/12 at 11:59 Eastern.


One thought on “Win Some Goodies: How Well Do You Know Me?

  1. Curiosity has gotten the better of me! I just had to know, how well I know you 🙂
    1. false (dear lord I hope so!)
    2. true
    3. true
    4. true
    5. false
    6. true
    7. false
    8. TRUE
    9. true
    10. true

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