Crammed In Like Sardines: Glass Act

As I’ve mentioned, our house is tiny and presents some challenges.  I’m no design maven – which is why I thought you might enjoy a few occasionally delusional posts about the joint.

Our home is wedged between two others and has a total of 8 windows and 3 doors on 3 levels.  So sometimes it feels a little dark.  Using glass is one of my favorite tricks to lighten up and make the joint seem more spacious.

I like glass because it’s inexpensive.  It doesn’t take up a bunch of visual “space.”  It is surprisingly sturdy.  It seems to elevate otherwise unappealing clutter into a more visually appealing “collection.”  When it’s dust and smudge free, which is practically never thanks to my piss poor housekeeping, it’s reflective and sparkling and the light bounces off of it.

Also glass related. . .I’ve noticed the house looks so much better inside and out when our windows are clean.  Sadly, this does not motivate me to clean them frequently or hell, ever frankly.

I use glass cake stands to hold our laundry detergents.  I use heavy glass vessels in our bathroom to hold bath salts, soap, and other grooming items.

We have glass front upper cabinets in the kitchen and in the bathroom.  I like to display everyday items in a way that’s pleasing to the eye – my distorted eye at least – and it keeps the cabinets from feeling too dense, dark or closed in.

We have a little glass shelf above our bathroom sink.  It’s just perfect for a few light weight, frequently used items.  Don’t even get me started on my Husband’s dental floss habit!

With an inquisitive ten-month old, I’m going to regret all this glass some day very soon aren’t I?


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