Kid’s Are Tough on Things is Apparently an Understatement

So today we were in the car and Mac was in the backseat doing what he does best when he’s not sleeping back there:  He was kicking the daylights out of the sunshield canopy of his car seat.   Squealing in delight.

I’ve never quite seen anything like this.  He pulls the thing the whole way towards his feet and then just pummels it.  He’s pulled it entirely off on multiple occasions.

Yes, the bigger boy, car seat was delivered earlier this week.

Thing is, neither Chris nor I have ever really tried to make him stop kicking the living hell out of the thing because it occupies his time while we’re driving him around to yet another boring destination.

Today I commented to Chris, “Wow.  Boys are rough.  He’s going to be hard on things isn’t he?”

To this Chris replied, “You are just figuring this out now?  He was pretty hard on your vagina wasn’t he?”

Do you laugh at this?  Cry?  Admit defeat?

I’m not even sure what else I can say.  I’m just sitting here laughing, trying to avoid peeing involuntarily.


2 thoughts on “Kid’s Are Tough on Things is Apparently an Understatement

  1. “Do you laugh at this?” I thought you were asking the readers, and yes, I did laugh at that. And then I laughed some more and hoped I didn’t pee my pants.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you laughed. It’s perhaps even funnier knowing how quiet my husband typically is. He doesn’t curse. I can’t even believe he said v-a-g-i-n-i-a! I spew a lot of snark, but since the kid got here, life seems to have gotten a whole lot funnier – desperately funnier even! Ha!

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