Crammed In Like Sardines: Uprising!

Regarding our basement?  It’s not exactly the depths of Hell.  It’s kinda’ more like Purgatory.  That space has a host of issues.  The the main concerns are the ceiling clearance and the width of the doors and stairwell which really limit the types of furniture you can actually get into the space.

You know me, ever the optimist.  I’m more than willing to try to polish a turd.

So here’s an idea I used in our basement that would readily translate to any space large or small.  It lends itself particularly well to households with limited budgets or those that have pets (or kids) with boundary issues.

We have an area of the basement that serves as a guest room and our spare room/TV room/Den – which we practically NEVER use.  Seriously.  Who has time for a den, or TV room with a baby?  And what guest in their right mind would want to stay in a place with a baby, two dogs, and three cats?  

Logic would dictate that the best kinda’ seating for this room would be some sort of sectional pull out sleep sofa/chaise get up.

Logic has never seen how narrow our access is to this space.  

So I opted for two twin beds frames.  I placed them at a 90 degree angle and loaded on a full mattress and box springs for each one.  However, under the frames there a little secret:  Risers!

Have you seen these suckers?  They are little plastic, flat-topped cones that you can put under each leg of your bed to make it taller.

Why would you want to make your bed taller?

You must live in a big house devoid of shit.  Or you are a monk who has sworn off most worldly possessions.  

You want to make your bed taller so you can jam more crap under it!

A guest bed is the perfect place to employ the risers.  It sees little use.  You can keep all your linens and so forth under the bed.  Or you can even slide a trundle-bed beneath thus doubling your sleeping capacity.

So for about $250-ish bucks we got the frames, box springs, and mattresses.  This was actually way less expensive than the linens that normally go on the beds when guests visit. However, those linens are a tad too precious dry clean only to put on the beds full-time with the vomit machine cats we have.  Plus, I wanted the thing to roughly resemble a uniform, big, comfy sofa.

Kid was arriving in a month and I was looking for fast, cheap, easy.

I decided the best thing to do to those extra tall beds was to cover them with some drop cloths.  Yes.  Painter’s drop cloths that you can purchase in any hardware store.

I purchased the appropriate size for the box spring to make it look as if there was a draped dust ruffle over the risers and storage bins.  Then I purchased a slightly smaller size to cover the mattress.   I brought all the drop cloth home, laundered it, and arranged it on the beds. I tucked the drop cloth around the mattress tightly.

I have sleeping space.  I have storage space.  I have a space to relax (as if).  That space is covered in easily laundered, nearly indestructible material.  (Bring it Cats).  And it was dirt cheap.

What’s not to love?  


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