Friday Funny: I Just Gagged A Little. Milk Vampire

Mac eating yogurt. . . .

This photo actually makes me want to wretch but Chris thinks it’s hilarious.

He says it’s like the kid is “a milk vampire.”

You decide.  I’m deleting the original as soon as I stop dry heaving.


12 thoughts on “Friday Funny: I Just Gagged A Little. Milk Vampire

  1. Gotta agree with Chris here, it’s hilarious AND a keeper! You can’t delete it, think of his future girlfriends who really need to see this in the years to come 😉

    • Thanks Kate! I think the consensus is it’s more cute than gross. So his future wife will have to suffer with this image for as long as digital eternity can possibly be. 🙂 I’m looking forward to checking out your blog. We’ve been on vacation so I’m playing catch up.

  2. I’m in the “it’s hilarious” camp as well. But, we’re *those* kinds of parents, the ones who like to capture the kid at their worst (as well as their best), or put them in absurd situations just for the photo op.

    • I have friends that posed their sleeping teensy babies near an empty wine bottle. I think it’s hilarious – and it was very cute. I wish I had remembered to do same for our peacefully sleeping little fellow. Maybe we should start a blog award for the funniest kid photo? But it can’t be digitally altered. It has to be a point and shoot photo. Thoughts?

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