If The Kid Likes It, I Put A Ring On It

We drag poor Mac a lot of places on a regular basis.  The logistics of these outings whether it’s a 5 hour bird walk just a few miles from the house to a 5 day vacation an airplane flight away, are not simple.  I’m catching on though and we are becoming way more efficient at gearing up.

One of the key components of getting somewhere without a complete and catastrophic meltdown, is to make sure the kid has things to keep him quietly comfortable and occupied.

I realized one of the issues with some of Mac’s favorite comfort items and toys is that they rapidly make their way to the ground rendering them useless until they are cleaned.  I am not really a germaphobe, sometimes the stuff lands in some really gross high traffic areas or mud etc.  

I also needed a way to keep those things from being booted out of the stroller, car seat, Sleep Wrap because we wouldn’t want Nandy Bear forever lost somewhere in BWI Airport or the Wetlands Loop at North Point Sate Park.

Mac’s favorite toys needed a way to stay attached.

I made some simple loops out of grosgrain ribbon.  I used my sewing machine to securely sew the loops to several of his favorite little towels aka Linuses.  I trimmed and singed the end of the ribbon with a match to prevent fraying.

For three-dimensional toys, I created the loop with the sewing machine and hand sewed it to the back of the plush animal.

Now Nandy, Sir Oinkerston, Linus, and Mac can all be together happily ever after!

And that makes their other traveling companions, Mommy & Daddy,  very very happy too!  


4 thoughts on “If The Kid Likes It, I Put A Ring On It

    • I’m trying to simplify for sure! I think it’s a good example for the kid. Plus, it saves me from a litany of curse words in front of him when something important goes missing. . .Which is likely important too! 🙂

    • He’s a picky little guy. We only have a few plush things he keeps coming back to over and over. However, my sewing machine is out and ready at all times. . .Just in case I have time to sew the 108 other projects I’ve been meaning to do since adorable little devil arrived. Shamefully, his nursery still isn’t quite done!

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