Friday Funny: The Mechanic

Just Working On My Truck. . .Why bother with just a little plumber’s crack when you can work entirely bottomless?  Hopefully this trend will not catch on with adult service professionals. . .


16 thoughts on “Friday Funny: The Mechanic

    • Thank you! I was a little hesitant there might be some backlash about posting a partial photo of his posterior but I’m glad you think it’s cute!

    • Thank you. It’s not as cute when he pulls this stunt for at least 5 diaper changes a day. The little guy has no patience for diaper changes any longer. Giving him the TV remote or iPhone doesn’t even distract him any longer! YIKES!

      • haha… Avery too! Diaper changes are like a marathon in our house… they may start on the changing table, move to the carpet, and he’ll end up in the air held up by my hubby while I finally strap it on!

      • It really has become torture for BOTH of us. BUT I try to remind myself to be thankful he’s strong and healthy and agile. . .when he’s in the dishwasher, the freezer, and under the desk too!

    • The diaper change has become torture for BOTH of us! He’s lucky he’s cute! Ha. Although, this morning with a rather messy situation, I tried discussing it with him first. . .”Please help Mom with the diaper. It would really help me if you could stay still.” etc. I’m sure it was a just coincidence, but it seemed to work.

      • God, I really hope for your sake that it will keep working. Otherwise, it can get frustrating really fast, especially with dirty diapers. 😉

      • Thanks! I hope so too. If not, I’m going to have to obtain and construct a small biohazard containment in a corner just for diaper changes! Ha.

    • Ha! I don’t think you need to be a genius to figure out a pants-less individual and an impact wrench can only end (giggle, giggle) tragically!

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