This -n- That

Ahhh. . .when I worked outside the home, Friday afternoons were a great time to be alive.  Maybe I lingered at lunch a few minutes longer. . .maybe I pretended to be monitoring trading activity while what I was really doing was reading blogs. . .maybe a few co-workers and I would crack up talking about Saved by the Bell for a solid 20 minutes. . .

This particular afternoon I’m extracting Goldfish crackers from my sweaty cleavage, frantically trying to cook, play “smootch delivery” with Mac (thought that one all up on my own – sober. . .be impressed.  Very impressed.  He rides around on his truck and brings me kisses and hugs), and do laundry while counting down the minutes until the Husband gets home.

I thought maybe if you are lucky enough to be in a quiet boring office this afternoon, you might like to hear a few updates. . .see a few highlights. . .

1.  I wrote here about always getting a long-dead guy’s mail.  Well guess what?  After I used the direct mail opt out request form um on his deceased behalf, we probably only get 1-3 pieces of mail for him per week now!  YEAH responsible me!!

2.  We had a gruesome hiking experience in a tick-infested meadow a few weeks ago.  My Husband is currently at the Doctor’s getting an antibiotic.  I guess my close range tick inspection was shoddy at best.

3.  If you recall, I’ve single-handedly declared war on a rogue off-leash Collie and his stupid owner in Patterson Park. . .I’ve written about three encounters:  This, that, and ugh the other.  Since my last post, I haven’t been back to the Park.  Mac and I opted to walk along the waterfront the past few days in hopes of catching a few strong breezes to cut the  already! oppressive Baltimore humidity.

4.  As for the very special delivery that errantly landed in our mail box. . .I’m not really sure what happened to that?  Hmmmm. . . .Now I definitely have something to discuss with the Husband during dinner this evening.

5.  And while I’m speaking to the Hubs, I might remind him about my Mother’s Day Guidelines. . .

6.  Top Searches that landed possibly some of you to this little corner of the Internet?  vampire and milk; how to get a colossal ass; reluctant mom gives into son stories; the diary of a tabby cat for kids; eleven month baby on a plane.  Yeah.  That pretty much sums it up.     

7.  Speaking of how to get a colossal ass, you should definitely check out my most evil genius idea to date if you have some down-time this weekend.

8.  And because it’s Friday and you all seemed to adore this disgusting slop, without further delay is Milk Vampire!  Again. . .gag, heave, again.


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