Friday Funny: Colossal Effing Pinterest FAIL!

It’s gross.  Recoil in disgust.

I saw these lovely photos on Pinterest where folks had poured Jello into orange rinds.

Clever.  Cute.

So when I was invited to a family lunch with a bit of a Cinco de Mayo bent to it, I thought this would be a great novelty for the kiddos.

And since I had to juice a bunch of limes for the lime-cilantro slaw I was making to accompany the grilled shrimp. . .

No brainer right?

Fill the empty limes with lime jello.  Top with some whipped topping and lime zest.  The 5 and under crowd will go wild.

Except that limes are not as well-behaved as oranges when it comes to removing flesh or pith.

Actually I’m pretty sure in the citrus world limes are the douchebuckets.

Sharp knives, hot water, pulling and ripping and tearing. . .some of the flesh was stuck.

And because of my zealous efforts, it appears I damaged the rinds enough to create small holes. . .which the hot Jello leaked through.

Which left me with what you see in the photo. . .

Which I wouldn’t serve to my dog, even if it was topped with a bunch of whipped cream. .

Yet, my husband has been devouring these wretched Jello fails!?

Where the hell is he hiding the tequila?  


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