Stuff We Love: Splat Mat

For a while I was in the habit of calling the dogs over to the table and allowing them go crazy on Mac’s discarded crumbs and bites.

A few things caused me to reconsider:

1.  Mac started keeping food on his tray specifically to feed to the dogs,

2.  When he fed the dogs, it was absolutely disgusting – even by my standards,

3.  I still had to wipe up the floor afterwards because the dogs had licked everywhere.

So I thought it would be a good idea to have a little drop cloth that we could place under Mac’s high chair.  This would at least allow me to have the dogs lick off of something I could gather up quickly and launder.  Or I could take it outside and give it a good shake.

I’m sure they make these commercially but I decided I should make one for us.

I had some extra drop-cloth and I decided to paint on it. . .making a goofy food theme.

This has made our after-dinner clean-ups much easier.  Don’t ask the dogs what they think.  Seems they are a little bitter about this development. . .


5 thoughts on “Stuff We Love: Splat Mat

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