Friday Funny: Whatcha’ Talkin’ ‘Bout?

Red Bell Pepper?!!


12 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Whatcha’ Talkin’ ‘Bout?

  1. omg – look at those eyes. And those arms. and the little fat folds/pseudo muscles on the arm. and the perfect little fingers. and the hair….i almost smell the Johnson & Johnson. Don’t be scared. I mean no harm. I’m just a mother of 2 giants that looked like this yesterday!!

      • Thanks! If he has on a really ratty old shirt, I don’t mind but mot of the time, we eat shirtless. Meanwhile, we are just about to head out to the 1 year doc’s appt. Wish me luck! I’m sure I’ll be returning home with little to no confidence in my parenting skills. Ha!

      • I used to catch myself constantly swearing (in my head) that another top or pair of pants was ruined from raspberries, blueberries, etc…and then I realized I was the biggest idiot for not just taking her clothes off for every meal. So now I do. And now I don’t even bother with a big half the time. I mean really, what’s the point?

        How did the doctor’s appt go?? I see from some of the comments below that the doc complained about weight gain? COME ON! He looks plenty chubby to me. Bubby had only gained 1 lb between her 9 and 12 month appts, and when I asked if that was a problem, her doctor didn’t seem to care. That’s where I love him – he’s so laid back about everything. All of my friends tell me what percentile their kids are in in terms of height and weight, but I’ve never been told what her percentile is, and I don’t care enough to ask. I did ask at one appointment if she was doing okay, weight wise, and explained she is so tiny compared to the other babies (all boys) I know her age. Her doctor simply pinched her thigh and said, “she’s fine!”.

    • Thanks! Can you believe the doctor is insisting he’s not heavy enough? I KNOW. He looks just fine to me. What is the deal with these stupid height and weight percentiles? One month he’s too heavy, another he’s too light. . .Gah!

      But if you have a highly caloric yet still semi-healthful Greek recipe, I’d love to hear it! Doc demanded a weight check in another 6 weeks.

      Makes me nuts. But I certainly don’t feel confused or upset about it this time, I know he’s healthy. Hopefully he has his Father’s fast metabolism! 🙂

      • Are you serious? What the f? He looks like a baby should look! Full of chub and happiness. Sometimes I think these doctors are full of it. Alex is in the 98th percentile for height and weight. He’s huge! And he’s starting to get heavier. I’m always scared that his doctor is going to tell me that he’s too heavy.

        You shouldn’t worry about it. Babies lose weight when they start moving because they are burning more calories. The doctor should know that.

        I’ll see what I can come up with for the recipe. Unfortunately the highly caloric dishes are also pretty bad for you. That’s why they taste so good 🙂

    • Thank you! Does Livi like solid foods but would just rather be hand fed them (by you or Dad)? If that’s the case, you are kinda’ lucky in some regard – it has to cut down on the mess and waste!

      Although, with her super sensitive nature, she probably still really enjoys the cuddling and closeness that accompanies bottles/nursing.

      Not this kid. . .He grabs the bottle after a sip and goes “Ahhhhh.” (Like he’s refreshed – smacking his lips). And then just tries to flop it and himself every which way. He’s getting a sippy cup tomorrow. I’m done with this joker! Ha!

      • Yes, we still nurse several time a day. She is only interested in sitting down to eat for lunch and dinner. And then she only wants to eat pureed food. The only finger foods she eats are Cheerios type cereals and those she only gets as a small snack. Everything else we’ve tried she’s either gagging on or she flat-out refuses to try, no matter how often we offer it to her.
        Im beginning to wonder if all she’ll ever eat is baby food. 😦

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