Would You Rather? Cucumbers or Ice Cream. . .

Mac’s one year healthy baby doctor’s visit was Friday.  Now, if you recall at his last visit, he was perfectly healthy but I was admonished not to feed him at 4AM and to put him to sleep using a “cry it out” type method.

I ignored the advice.

That was a few months ago.  Mac still prefers to be held while he falls asleep.  And frankly, I’m happy to do it.  How long will this continue?  Maybe until he attends Prom?  I don’t know, but they are only little for a short while and I’m happy to indulge him.

And shortly after that visit, Mac pretty much stopped needing fed at 4 or 5 AM.  Occasionally, he still does but it’s relatively uncommon.  I attributed this to the fact that he’s eating solid foods like a little piggy.

The kid seems to eat nearly anything I put in front of him:  Lentils, beans, avocados, veggie burgers, cheese. . .You name it, he will eat it.  Sometimes he eats something one week but refuses it the next.  I’m not sure why he does this but we still have plenty of variety.

I was putting a decent amount of effort into planning well-balanced, meals with plenty of fresh ingredients that he could enjoy with us.  I was looking forward to going into the Doc’s office and reporting how well he was eating. . .and proudly proclaiming how interesting and healthful his meals are.  “Why yes, Dr. C-P, he loves scrambled eggs with cheese, black beans and cilantro” Smug snort.

Which is why when the doctor expressed alarm about his weight gain, I was hugely disappointed.  Seems he’s barely gained a pound since his last visit.  He’s gotten sufficiently taller but not sufficiently fatter.

But he still looks perfectly happy, healthy, and slightly chubby.  You can’t see his ribs or anything.

So what the hell is the problem?

Apparently, these growth percentile charts are pretty damned important to someone.

And our kid is failing his fat percentile.  I’m not even sure how this is possible since I’ve been battling the same 10-30 pounds since 6th grade?  I’m hoping for his sake he has his Father’s metabolism.  Lord can that man eat and not gain a pound.

Per doctor’s orders, I’m supposed to be loading the kid up with full fat dairy – including ice cream before bed at night!

And he has to go back in 6 weeks to make sure he’s packed on a few pounds.

So I’m feeling the pressure.

And he’s not cooperating.

He doesn’t want full fat cheese, or yogurt, or milk.

And sometimes not even ice cream.

He wants cucumbers and grapes.

I’m beginning to wonder if he was switched at birth?

But then I catch him doing stuff like this:

In danger of getting a splinter in an uncomfortable place? Yes. Too thin? No.

And I’m certain he is my child. . .


12 thoughts on “Would You Rather? Cucumbers or Ice Cream. . .

  1. Oh my, we had the same problem with low weight gain, except my daughter also has a milk allergy which makes ice cream, cheese, and whole milk out of the question. Yeah… Thankfully, she really likes avocado, and chocolate doesn’t seem to bother her either. Don’t worry too much!

    • Thank you sweetie! I’m not too worried. He’s fine. I know the doctor wants to make sure he remains healthy but I’m not exactly keen on filling him up with ice cream just for the sake of reaching a pre-determined percentile, when otherwise, he’s perfectly healthy and happy and LOVES eating more healthful foods. It seems a bit irrational.

      Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to have a milk allergy – although I know the richness is making his stomach a little upset while he adjusts.

      Sounds like a few of you have had a rough time of it the past weekend, refrigerators, brutal morning sickness (I’ve just been looking at Twitter), disregarded time-outs :)! Hang in there!!! XOs to you all!

      • It IS completely counter-intuitive to introduce a child to fattening foods at this age! These doctors and their harebrained schemes 😉

        Yes, we’ve all been through the ringer lately, but we’ll make it, I’m sure!

      • I’m glad I’m not just crazy or a “meanie”! If the little guy likes vegetables why would I use up precious teeny stomach space with “junk”? Don’t get me wrong, ice cream is awesome. And I want my kid to enjoy it but if he’d rather have cucumber or lettuce, it seems like a no-brainer. You all hang in there! We big puffy heart you all!

  2. Hmm, we have a similar situation going on. Livi hadn’t gained any weight at her 12 months appointment and at times, she has actually lost some weight. Our doc didn’t seem too concerned. I don’t care too much about the charts but when she starts losing weight, then I do get concerned.
    She is super active, hyper, running around all day and still uses a lot of her energy for fussing
    and crying. Add to this the occasional cold during winter time and teething and I can see why it might be happening. She is also a very picky eater, refuses finger foods and only wants puréed food.
    I’d say Mac is doing much better than her so don’t be too concerned. I guess, it’s just another challenge we have to overcome.

  3. I guess it all depends on the doc. I told our’s he’s very very busy and her response included something to the effect of more dairy. I really do love our doc for as much as I complain about her, and I’m not worried. In fact for the first time, I actually feel confident, it’s going to be just fine. I’m not going to force feed my kid things he’s not interested in eating. I’m willing to be creative and keep an open mind – I think effective parenting requires it. Yet, I’m still nervous she might want him on some kind of high calorie suppliments, etc if he doesn’t gain enough weight and that makes me nervous because I’m going to have to debate her. . .and we all know I’m a big doctor fearing sissy! ha!

    Livi’s going to blow it out of the water someday soon. . .She’s going to get her smart little stubborn mind fixed on a cheeseburger or something and you will be helpless to stop it – she will devour it and there will be no turning back! 🙂

    • Ha, I hope you are right.
      But I like your attitude. In the end, we need to do what feels right. It’s just that sometimes I lose confidence that I actually know what I’m doing. I didn’t think that eating or sleeping could be such complicated issues.

  4. He’s FINE. From the pictures you’ve posted of Mac lately, I would say he’s pretty chubby. Why the hell do doctors mess with us like this??!! Like you, I love my child’s doctor, but it’s the odd comment her and there that freaks me out.

    My daughter only gained 1 lb between her 9- and 12-month appointments. I asked the doctor if he thought this was a problem and he said no. Like you, I am not interested in giving her high fat foods just for the sake of adding lbs to her frame when I know she’s chubby enough as she is. I think that will just cause her to refuse healthy options going forward, which would be a bad thing long-term. So, it’s not happening.

    My guess is that kids this age just start to thin out because they’re more active, they want to try feeding themselves and cannot shovel enough in, and they are growing.

    We had a bit of a transition with the milk, too. I remember I was suddenly changing 4-5 dirty diapers a day and she got a bad rash from all the pooping she was doing. It didn’t last too long. Maybe a couple of weeks? Nothing crazy.

    • Thanks! I’m sure he’s fine too. I guess the docs are trained to find problems and scared of overlooking anything. Our milk transition is not going exactly smoothly but we’ll keep trying. He just doesn’t seem to like the stuff. . .whether it’s in a cup or sippy or bottle. Crazy kid. But we’ll get there I’m sure.

  5. He looks adorable and perfectly healthy to me! My oldest daughter was a very petite, picky eater when she was a toddler. Of course I was a 1st time, crazy, stupid, by the book, organic- only baby food feeding mom. None of it tasted good, so it’s no wonder she hated it. Then, a miraculous thing happened when she was 4…preschool WITH HOT LUNCH! She came home asking for tuna fish, hummus, and salad…oh my!! Ever since then, she has been willing to try anything, and thus has a sophisticated palate. Of course….she is 12 now. LOL. My middle daughter was a chubster and a half, with legs that looked like a sumo wrestler, and an appetite to match. She ate anything and everything that wasn’t glued down, including dog poo (once) and patch putty used to fill holes in walls (once). But to her defense, the putty was pink like bubble gum. My mistake. Poison control might still have a file on her….not sure. I am happy to report that she is now 8, with a very sophisticated palate and the metabolism of an Olympian. My little one, now 6, won’t eat anything but peanut butter sandwiches, Rotisserie chicken, miso soup with tofu, broccoli, macaroni and cheese, fruit and yogurt. Oh, and candy and ice cream. They all like that stuff 🙂

    There were also a few times when each went on a hunger strike during their toddler years. It all turns out fine in the end. I mean, they won’t starve themselves!!

    • Thank you! I feel like he’s perfectly healthy too. Although he’s getting a few molars this week and only seems to want chilled watermelon and cucumbers. (The kid turned down a few bites of dark chocolate homemade brownies at lunch – WTH?!). I wouldn’t be worried at all except that the Doctor seems to be all hell bent on weight gain and I really don’t want to have to debate her on this in a few more weeks. . .How’s things? I haven’t heard much from you lately. Busy with the end of school year and stuff?

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