Stuff We Love: Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Ok. . .So Mac’s still getting the hang of it.

I swear this kid!  At about 6 months he refused to eat from children’s cutlery and only wanted “big spoons.”  Now, what he really likes is to sip from a normal glass like we do.  He’s a trip.

Regardless, we love this thing!

1.  It’s spill proof.  Although I’ve noticed if he’s just sipped ineffectively and left a little in the spout it will drip.

2.  It has a removable dual handle so it’s easy for little ones to pick up and hold.

3.  It’s top-rack dishwasher safe.

4.  It’s durable stainless steel.

5.  The parts are a cinch to disassemble for cleaning.

6.  And the clincher?  It keeps liquids cold for 6 HOURS!!!  Which is awesome for outdoor adventure loving ding-dongs like us.  Just like with our own stainless bottles, I keep them full of water in the fridge so they are always pre-chilled for whenever we need them.  

I found them for about $12 and some change at Target.  I checked out the stainless sippys at REI but most of them were designed for children aged 2 or 3 years and up and they were considerably more expensive.  Knowing the durability and reputation of the Thermos brand, these little puppies should definitely get the job done for us for a while.

Just a reminder that we aren’t compensated in any way for our Stuff We Love features.  All opinions are our own.  Your results may vary.  


9 thoughts on “Stuff We Love: Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

  1. I keep seeing these but have yet to buy one.

    By the way, you mentioned in a previous post that you were having trouble with introducing whole milk to Mac? I’ve been meaning to write to you and ask if you are warming the milk up? I initially tried to give it to her right from the fridge, and she was disgusted and thrilled at the same time, but wouldn’t drink much of it AT ALL. So then I heard someone say she did the formula/milk mix, and that she still warms it. I did the 75% formula, 25% milk mixture for a while, but I found once I warmed it, it was pretty easy to get her to drink it, so the transition was fast.

    Anyway, you have probably already thought of this, but I thought I would pass it along!

    • Ha! No worries. . .And I appreciate the suggestion. I’ve considered warming some milk but we never gave Mac warm formula. We always mixed his formula with cold tap water so I’m being kinda’ stubborn about starting to warm milk now for him.

      He’s doing a little better but not great. Of course this transition is coinciding with 4 molars. That could explain why he’s so excited about cold watermelon and cucumbers. . .Although it doesn’t explain why he rejects vanilla ice cream or cold milk.

      He’s evidently just whacky. . .the apple never falls far. Ha!

      • No problem! If you haven’t been warming his formula, then DON’T get in the habit of warming his milk. The only way I could get her to take formula when I was weaning her was to warm it. When we went away for the Easter long weekend, I decided I wasn’t going to take the warmer – I figured room temperature water would be fine and we could toss the warmer in the closet when we got back. Big mistake. She barely drank when we were away, which sent me into a total tizzy. And now I have to warm her milk, which means I can’t just pour some milk into a sippy cup for her when we’re traveling. Because, you know, we travel SO much. 🙂

        Maybe try doing the formula/milk mix?

      • We tried the formula milk mix and it was a no-go too. My mother-in-law (mother of 4, retired nurse) says not to worry too much about it so long as he’s eating a variety of other foods. I keep offering. Last night he sucked down 4 ounces – the most to date. He’ll get the hang of it I guess. The doctor is just going to have to pound sand. Ha!

  2. So Mac refused the kiddy cutlery at 6 months? How did you work around it did u use adult cutlery with him the whole time? Or find a way to intro kiddy cutlery to him eventually?

    • We started using “adult” metal spoons. And then he became really keen on feeding himself finger foods so we’ve been allowing him to feed himself a lot of small bites for months. However, we are going to have to start teaching him to use cutlery himself shortly and I haven’t decided if I look for a small metal set of cutlery for him, try to revert to the children’s plastic set he previously rejected or maybe just see what happens with a “grown up spoon.” Anyway you “cut it,” I’m sure it will be a mess! I’ll keep you posted. Ha. I’m loving your posts from Japan, etc. I find them so interesting!

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