Friday Funny: There’s A What In Your Where?

The Scene:  Me, Chris, Mac birding Patterson Park (again) on a lovely Thursday evening.  The park is crawling with people.  Tons of Baltimore Sports and Social Club folks playing Bocce ball, kick ball, soft ball.  Some pick up soccer games.  All those ridiculous heathens kidnapping turtles and frogs out of the boat lake.

Surprise!  The birding sucks.

We approach the community garden hoping to see something good foraging.  Mockingbirds.  Mockingbirds.  Mockingbirds.  Jesus what a tease!

Me:  Hopefully  “What is that bird?  Do you hear that?”  Chris birds by ear much much better than I do.

Chris:  Dryly “Mockingbird.”

Me:  “Are you sure?”

Chris:  “Positive.  It’s on the fence.”

Me:  “ARGH!  I’m so annoyed.  There’s a bunch of bocces in my Flicker Area!”

Does this only sound funny to birders?  It probably only sounds funny to birders, huh? Pfft.

Chris cracked up.

The folks playing bocce were in the area of the park where I like to watch the Northern Flickers forage.  Northern Flickers are beautiful (but common) birds.

This past spring, a certain Northern Flicker would sit atop a light post and peck the be-jesus out of it. For some reason this cracked me up.  Yeah, I was laughing when I took this horribly fuzzy photo.


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