The Forecast Involves the Potential For Reluctant Mom To Go Insane

Of course he didn’t want manageable bites. . .He wanted the entire slice!

Seems everyone is feeling a little better. . .Well, I trust Huggy is better.  He’s still sleeping so I’ll take that as an encouraging sign that he’s still on the mend.

But now we have another little dilemma that’s been weighing on my mind for the past two days:  What the hell am I going to do with Kid + Husband all weekend while the heat index reaches 110?!

It’s not exactly healthy hiking and birding weather.  

There’s a great community pool just 2 blocks from the house but their hours are a little wonky and I really don’t want us at the pool in the brutal mid-day sun.  They are supposed to have family swim between 5 and 7PM on weekend evenings so we might check it out.

The obvious idea was to go to one or all of Baltimore’s awesome (and typically free) art museums (The Walters, The Baltimore Museum of Art).  I could spend hours upon hours in these places.  However, we have a gear issue:  You have to check your stroller at the door.  This makes sense since strollers could potentially damage precious items but it puts us in a pickle.  Mac doesn’t walk without leaning on things.  And even if he did the places are too big to expect him to walk very far.  And frankly, he’s getting heavy and squirmy enough, it’s difficult to carry him around for extended periods (even in a carrier).  So certain museums are kinda’ off limits for us until we break down and get some type of backpack carrier and get him acclimated to it or he starts walking more proficiently.

I’m not about to spend my weekend in a mall. . .Plus, that idea will be immediately vetoed by my Husband.

So I’m working on other things we could do to while away the hours. . .

1.  Go to the library.

2.  Take a tour of the Basilica. (We’ve been there multiple times – Mac included but the tours are interesting. . .Plus it’s nice and cool in there!)

3.  See what the local nature centers have planned.  I’m hoping one of them will have a nighttime outdoor activity – like an owl walk or nighttime insect walk we could do to get a little exercise.  Of course it has to jive with bedtime.  In the alternative, perhaps they have other activities that are located inside their air-conditioned facilities.  I’ll be checking out Irvine, Marshy Point, and Oregon Ridge for starters.

4.  We really do need to finish a wee bit of drywalling and laying the last few sections of flooring in the basement (yes, it’s still not completely re-assembled after last Fall’s “flood.”) While Chris works on that, I was considering putting Mac in the bathtub in his board shorts with some flippers and floaties and trying to get some cute photos.

5.  We could make our own popsicles.  Mac is really interested in ice and cold water these days for some strange reason.  There might be a special “grown up” version in the works too!  Pina Colada has me drooling at the moment. . .Probably good for lingering sore throats!

6.  I feel like a finger puppet show is definitely in order.  Along with another screening of The Big Year.  Mac loves the part at the end where they start rolling the credits and they show all the birds seen during the year.  Funny what will catch a kid’s attention.

7.  I have some projects I would like to work on. . .I’ve been feeling like painting recently and I owe a few folks little presents for weddings, babies, and so forth.

8.  I need to do a little research for an upcoming birding trip we are planning.  And while I’m at it, I might do some planning for a few other trips this coming fall.  Thinking of birding Cape May or Hawk Mountain in cool crisp fall air might just keep me sane.

If all else fails?  I’ll just pour some NyQuil on ice and see how it goes!  Stay cool!


2 thoughts on “The Forecast Involves the Potential For Reluctant Mom To Go Insane

  1. Hey Deni ~ If you want to avoid the mall. check out the Ergo baby carrier on Amazon. We have one and I back carry my 19 month old beast in total comfort.

    And I don’t know if you ever get out of the City, but I used to live in Catonsville and Patapsco State park is really nice ~ and much cooler than other places.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Hi Katie – Thanks for the tips! Ergo carriers are at the top of my list to check out for our next carriers. I’ve heard glowing reviews from a few folks.

      And yes, we do get out of the City pretty frequently. Often to North Point, Patapsco, and Gunpowder State Parks. They are “cool” in more ways than one! 🙂

      Hope you have an excellent weekend too!

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