Reluctant Mother DIYs. . .a Tattoo?

I’m just certain you were all dying to know what the heck it is I do when I’m not cleaning up excrement, dinner, or pet hair. . .And when I’m not sweating out some cheap box-o-wine while hiking and birding. . .

Allow me to introduce to you my downtime delusion. . .

It’s a SHARPIE!  Do you think I’d actually pay for such shoddy work?!

Yes, clearly I am 36 with the maturity of a 6th grader. . .Well, a 6th grader that drinks 4 beers and thinks drawing on oneself upside down and backwards is prudent at 11:30 at night. . .

Then as an encore, I use some pen and watercolor to create some background pages and so forth for some projects I’m planning:

I like to call it sCRAP.

A few short moments later, this very The Shining like magic starts happening:

All work and no play makes Mama. . .well, creatively impotent. . .So she does this.

And then there’s this one little joyful canvas. . .

It’s no Picasso and it only took a few moments, but I’ll be damned if I don’t love this little fellow!

So this is what you get when the Husband gets the kid to bed, the house is clean, and I’m left to my own devices in close proximity to the beer fridge.  It’s been a magical evening.  I hope you had one too!  😉


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