Jesus, It’s A Sad Day When I’m The Voice of Reason. . .

You know. . .There’s the vacation. . .which I convinced myself was a trip.  And then I made a stellar attitude adjustment and things were going along pretty well last evening.  I made a list of things that would keep me positive and happy and in the wee hours of the morning, (about midnight) just as I had swiped the last bit of old nail polish off my toes and started to snip the ends off my hair, the wailing started.

Mac was awake in the middle of the night again.  This has been going on for nights now.  And I think there are more teeth to blame based on the funny things he’s doing with his tongue and the geysers of drool he’s sporadically producing.

But last night was positively hellacious because he was relatively inconsolable and refused to go back to sleep until 4:30 in the morning.  Yeah.  I paced around in our basement with a 20 some odd pound kid, in a Sleepy Wrap for four and a half hours.  Not counting the 45 minutes it took me to get him to sleep originally at 10 PM.

And then I slept on the nursery floor because he kept stirring and whining and needed comfort.

And he was awake again at 8 AM.  And he’s impatient, and short tempered,  and belligerent, and waging some kinda’ hunger strike.

I’m trying to stay positive and pleasant but all I can think about is this stupid trip.

Let’s put my own issues aside.  Let’s forget literally about my baggage surrounding this trip. . .Let’s think about this kid for a minute.

Is it really good parenting for us to expect an uncomfortable teething toddler to sit in a car for 6-7 hours, sleep in a pack in play he rarely uses, and be surrounded by continual chaos all in the name of a “vacation” he’s never going to remember?


Am I the ONLY one that has even considered this?

PLEASE someone hear my freaking exhausted voice of reason. . .Let’s not put our kid through this, this year. . .



10 thoughts on “Jesus, It’s A Sad Day When I’m The Voice of Reason. . .

  1. Honestly? I wouldn’t be going. I know it will be a disappointment to your husband’s family, but if you feel that Mac is not in the right frame of mind to do the trip, I don’t think it’s worth putting yourselves through it. The drive just sounds so long and hellish on a good day, so add in a cranky baby and the fact that he won’t have the comfort of his own crib when you get there, and I can understand your anxiety. What does your husband say? Maybe he can go and you can stay behind? Sort of like what I did this week with the family wedding!!! When my husband did the trip to and from the wedding, he told me each time that it would’ve been absolute hell with our daughter and that we had made the right choice. It would’ve been 14 hours of air and car travel, coupled with transit times. NO THANK YOU.

    I hope that helps a little? We can drink wine and twitter instead – ha!

    • I KNOW. I KNOW. Mac is typically pretty good in the car but you well know all bets are off with the teething. And this is admittedly, an extra long trip. We had a bad day yesterday but a good night (he slept the whole way through), so now I’m a little more optimistic. . .but we’ll see how it goes in the next few days. I know Chris really really wants to go (and he is certainly free to go it alone). I’m definitely keeping an open mind and I’m going to let him make the final decision. (Amazing what a decent sleep will do for the attitude). If things start going really wrong, we can always just stop and get a room somewhere else. I’m trying to embrace the adventure here. . .trying. . .Plus, I’m going to demand the beverage cooler be placed in the backseat. Bah-hahaha. PS We can still drink wine and Tweet!

  2. I agree, listen to your instincts and do what you think is right for your child. Talk to your husband and be completely honest.
    I wouldn’t put my child through it if he is that miserable.
    And sorry you had such a terrible night. I hope you both got some rest during the day.

    • Hi! Thanks for reminding me (again) instincts are not to be disregarded. Yesterday was brutal. He was clearly miserable with the teeth. He slept through the whole night and seems in better spirits today. We’ll see how it goes. . .Because as much as I whine, I KNOW my Husband really wants to go on this trip. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

      • It’s a difficult situation for sure. I’m sure you will make the right decision. Have a great weekend. 🙂

      • Thank you! I feel like we are going. . .as I mentioned to Dani (Diapers and Stilettos), we can always just stop somewhere if things get too intense. And Mac does do very well in the car. . .And there’s one more thing I could try – which I have never done yet – I could give him some Motrin or similar if the teething seems too unbearable. We’ll see how things play out in the next few days. . .Enjoy your weekend as well!

  3. Are you seriously whinning about a free vacation? Here’s an idea… do you feel like your husband is capable of caring for your child? Let them go without you! Then everyone wins.

    • Hi Rebecca, First of all, whining is kinda’ what I do here, most of the time for comedic purposes. Meanwhile, you’ve assumed this vacation is free. I don’t recall having ever discussed the costs or whose footing what expenses.

      I appreciate your suggestion though. My Husband and I certainly plan to discuss all of our options.

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