Friday Funny: But Where Do We Put the Toilet Paper?

There were a number of unique, funny things we witnessed on our little road trip that my Husband commented I should photograph for the blog. . .while speeding by at 70 MPH. . .

I SWEAR he races himself to get the best time to any given destination.  I’ve never asked and he’s never told but sometimes I KNOW, that’s exactly what he’s doing.  He’s trying to beat his “best time.”

His driving nearly only set me into cardiac arrest about 15 times in a very long road trip so I give him props for trying to balance consideration for my mental and physical well-being and slamming the accelerator to the floor and then hitting cruise control.

Who knows what the hell I missed on his little road race while I was reading “Milo’s Special Words” for the 800th time. . .or was bent completely over the front seat, ass in the air, seat belt be damned, fishing around retrieving some damned plastic crap the kid wanted. . .

The road trip was almost over after a harrowing 1 hour back-up near the Bay Bridge and some bad weather. . .

We decided to pit one more time near Severna Park for some milk for Mac.

I also took advantage of the restroom. . .


Yes?  Where do we put the toilet paper?  I wasn’t sure.  The sign gave no guidance.  I threw caution to the wind and put it in the toilet. . .



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