Kid’s Acrobatics Strikes Terror In The Heart of Reluctant Mother – The Oh SH#$%%^$! Edition

My stomach is in an effing knot as I type this.

I need to get EZ Storage on the horn ASAP.

Mac learned a new trick this morning. . .

He managed to pull this maneuver while I turned my back on him to brew a cup of coffee – a damned Keurig cup of coffee!!

Yeah.  That fast.

Where did he even find that foot stool?  I haven’t seen it for days?! And I vacuumed this joint yesterday morning.

Jesus, these new tricks make my concerns about the dishwasher pale in comparison.

And lest you think this is the post of a first time mother overreacting to typical toddler antics, let me show you what really has my sagging maternity knickers in a bunch:

And what lies beyond that bannister:

If he goes vaulting himself over this one, there’s going to be serious consequences.

Making him wear a helmet is probably not a viable option.

So we’re going to have to rearrange and likely get rid of some stuff ASAP.

I know he’s still going to require constant supervision but I’ve come to realize, making it as difficult as possible for him to achieve his obvious compulsive death wish, helps me feel a little more at ease.

Of course, this means, any visitors will NOT be at ease because they will have nowhere to sit. . .

But you didn’t really want to visit anyway, did you?

Not with a 14-month old on the loose. . .


One thought on “Kid’s Acrobatics Strikes Terror In The Heart of Reluctant Mother – The Oh SH#$%%^$! Edition

  1. Yeah, that’s a tough one. I am sooo thankful that we don’t have any stairs in our house.
    Could you possibly make the banister higher? Or how about some kind of safety net. Ugh, sorry you have to deal with this, especially since Mac seems to be such a climber already.

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