You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Be A Rebel & Tag Something

I think it’s true that once you get off your lazy ass and accomplish something small, you are motivated to tackle larger challenges.

So when I started getting all jazzed up about the house facelift, I wanted to start small.

And well, make everything all shiny. . .and not in a clean shiny way. . .

Literally shiny.

So I got me some spray paint and well, frankly, no surface in this joint is safe any longer. . .

Exhibit A:  These Stars

They had hung in our kitchen for oh at least 7 years now. . .but I was never happy with the colors.  They felt a little old-fashioned or country-ish for my liking.  Yet, I never got around to correcting the problem.  Until last week.

While they don’t contrast with the “restoration ivory” color of the walls as much as they did in their previous colors, I still like them better this way.  I’m not sure how much longer all three will stay in exactly that spot but for now at least I’m not distracted by their colors.

Exhibit B:  These Elephants

They too have been hanging around for a good number of years.  I thought the poses were cute but didn’t really love the hodge podge of animal print they were sporting.  Yet, I didn’t do anything about it until last week.

Now they make he much happier.

Exhibit C:  Plastic Toy Animals

I know!  I know you’re thinking I totally jumped the spray painting shark with this one!  I promise you I have an idea for a few of these little fellows.  I swear!  I picked up a package on sale for $2.99 ages ago.  But I couldn’t bring myself to hand them over to Mac.  For one thing, a few of them had these creepy red eyes that weirded me out and I really didn’t want to run the risk of his becoming attached to something that weirded me out (well, Husband aside).

So I figured I’d just doctor them up a little. . .

A much improved menagerie.

In every instance I used the same technique:

1.  In a well ventilated area, away from anything I remotely cared NOT to get spray paint on, I gave the objects two thin coats of white spray paint.  The paint I used was actual white indoor/outdoor spray paint.  (It was NOT a primer.  Although, if you are going to be bumping around an object – like a chair or something or it’s going to be outdoors, primer is probably a good idea).

2.  Keep your spraying hand moving rapidly and fluidly over the surfaces and use only enough pressure on the nozzle to create a fine mist with the paint.  You don’t want drips!

3.  After the two white base coats dried well, I busted out metallic silver and gold.  And I alternated thin coats/layers, playing around with shading, coverage, etc until I had the finish I desired.

4.  I didn’t notice a horrific oder lingering around the objects after the paint dried.  If you are concerned about fumes lingering, just make sure to place your objects in a well ventilated, less trafficked area for a few days until you feel comfortable moving them into your living space.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to waste more time, wandering around the house looking for more items to make super shiny. . .


10 thoughts on “You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Be A Rebel & Tag Something

  1. I applaud your craftiness and follow-thru. My family would tell me to “Step Away From The Spraypaint!” I don’t know why…maybe it is the fact that I live with a bunch of Camouflage-neutral-green-and-brown-nature-lovers. I would live to have a bit more color throughout the house than I do. The over-sized dark brown furniture is not my style. You keep up the great job.
    Peach State

    • Thanks, Peach State! I’m working on more color too. We have a few crazy bathrooms but the main floor was becoming very “pale.” I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, try sneaking in bright toss pillow and see if anyone notices. 😉 And a few more. . .and a few more after that! Ha.

  2. Awesome! The stars are my favorite. I have big plans for some ugly vases that I wanna spray paint and have them actually match something…someday I’ll get to them…

    • Some day (whist-full sigh). It seems I procrastinate to the point of nearly just getting rid of the stuff before I cave and actually “fix” it. That’s why this blog will never be “young house love”. . .well that and neither this house nor I am all that young. Ha! Can’t wait to see your vases.

      • YHL are CRAZY! You would have heard my Husband cursing in Boston if he had to build a deck! LOL. Although, I should give him some credit. He did an excellent job making a radiator cover for our kitchen last weekend. He’s in trouble. Now that I know he ACTUALLY knows what he’s doing, there will be a very long project list!

      • hahaha! He’s been holding out on you! How does the radiator cover look? I have some that came with the house that I need to refurb before we start using the heat – they are going to be major baby hazards!

      • I’m going to do a post about it likely – if not I’ll email you pics when I have some. It looks pretty good.

        We looked to order some online but they were CRAZY expensive – We of course, needed the “custom” versions – none of the standard ones seemed to work.

        We considered searching for some at a salvage place but were worried they might be covered with lead based paint.

        So Chris made a wood “frame” and we purchased some decorative sheet metal for the front at Home Depot and he got it done for less than half the costs of the custom version.
        When Chris was researching how to make one online, he read the cover actually helps with energy efficiency since it forces the warmth out the front of the cover and not just up and away into the upper levels of the home.

        We have the very old tall, narrow steam radiators from like 100 years ago. When we renovated, I was insistent they stay but now I kinda’ just wish we tied into the central air for heating. Although, almost every radiator is under a window so the covers will make nice wide window ledges. . .for the kid to climb all over – ah!

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