Friday Funny: Husband v Children’s Literature. . .

The good news is my Husband reads to Mac a lot.

One of Mac’s Favorites. . .

The bad news is, he tends to be a stickler for details.

At every reading, Husband mutters emerging butterflies do not have the teeth/jaws necessary to “nibble” a hole in the cocoon as they lost those after they left the caterpillar stage and as a butterfly now have only a probicus capable of drinking nectar.

So you can imagine I wasn’t entirely surprised to find this “correction” while I read Mac The Very Hungry Caterpillar the other day.

Somewhere Eric Carle weeps silently.

I did laugh out loud and nearly audibly roll my eyes. . .

What?  Isn’t it completely outside the realm of biological possibility that a caterpillar would eat all this junk?!

And Husband’s stuck on the word nibble?!


7 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Husband v Children’s Literature. . .

    • Yeah. And if you think that’s funny, you should hear the actual reading. Our poor kid is going to think “cherry pie” will always need to be pronounced “Swwwweeeet Cheeerrreeeeee Piiiiiieeee.” (Like that cheesy Warrant song. . .which I totally still ding. When I hear it. . Not like it’s on my ipod or anything, ahem).

  1. Hehehehe. That’s too funny!! When Dads start reading to their little ones, it certainly reveals a new side to them ;-D

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