Daddy Saves The Day!

I’m usually a pretty cool customer. . .Or at least I have convinced myself I am.  I try not to let  the kid rattle me.

But I’m not perfect. . .

And once in a while I get a little flummoxed.  It typically happens when I’m near exhaustion.

Like Sunday evening.

We spent a great deal of the day hiking and birding Elk Neck State Park.  It was a great day. . .By sheer dumb luck, we managed to get ourselves to a location that wasn’t affected by all the storms and heavy rains that plagued most of Maryland on Sunday.

However, by the time we got home, I unpacked us, and threw something together for dinner, I was extremely tired.

And I knew Mac was tired too.

So you can imagine my surprise when he refused to go to sleep in the either the crib or the Sleepy Wrap.

Ok. You got me. I wasn’t surprised.  I was frapping frustrated out of my exhausted mind.

Normally if Mac is protesting sleep, it’s because he’s hungry.  Of course, I don’t intentionally put him to bed hungry, but sometimes he decides he needs a substantial bedtime snack.

So on Sunday night, I somewhat joylessly drug a tired, hungry Mac back down to the kitchen and plopped him in his high chair.  And I offered him some little crackers. . .and some cheese. . .and some fruit. . .and some milk.

All of which he promptly rejected.

And that’s when Chris very wisely noticed I was about to unravel and intervened.

Do you know what Chris made this kid for a bedtime snack?

Shrimp Scampi!!!

He thawed shrimp and sautéed it in butter and seasoning. . .Even though it was nearly 9:30 at night and he had to work the next day.

And then he cleaned it all up. . .just like that disgusting buttery mess never happened.

Mac devoured the stuff and promptly went to bed.

What would I do without my Husband?


8 thoughts on “Daddy Saves The Day!

    • Awww. . .thank you. He’s lucky he’s cute ‘cuz he’s a whole lotta’ trouble. Ha! Comment any time. Please! We love the comments. . .good or better. . .or worse. 🙂

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