I Can Admit Defeat. . .Frowny Face. . .OUCH.

So I thought today’s post would be all about sewing fun pillow covers and small slip covers. . .

I’m no expert seamstress but I can sew well enough to. . .

ahem. . .

jack up my sewing machine royally.

I was doing all these fun things with old t shirts and fleece this past weekend. . .(Happy Early Stinking Holidays). . .Without problems. . .

So it figures when I attempted to do something “serious” (and ordered some fabric for window treatments, etc) things would go to hell in a hurry.

I’ll give the sewing machine a good once-over again tomorrow.  However, it’s 7 years old and I’m wondering if it’s just reached it’s limits?

We’ll see.

This could be the incentive I need to actually learn how to use my serger. . .

Or I could just purchase a new sewing machine on the sly. . .

Nothing to see here Husband!!!!

In the meantime, I’m just going to eat my cheese sandwich and go to bed.  Sob. Sob. Hiccup.

Buy New Sewing Machine FROM bed via smartphone. . .More Delish than Cheese Sammie. . .

Shut up and go to sleep.  Don’t even finish the sammie!  

I’m going to bed. . .With my Husband’s credit card and a JoAnn’s coupon. . .And a cheese sandwich with mayo. . .

None of which I’ll use or enjoy.

Yeah.  I totally annoy myself too.


4 thoughts on “I Can Admit Defeat. . .Frowny Face. . .OUCH.

    • Ha! the pillows are cute. I did manage to get the sewing machine back in working order. I’m considering a little drinking later tonight. . .which means I need to STAY AWAY FROM THE SEWING MACHINE so I don’t ruin all that fabric I just convinced my Husband I desperately needed. Ha!

      • if you are up for it – and it’s possible to squeeze in one more thing during nap time – I would love a post on how to do a pillow! Not that you asked for ideas or requests or anything. Just throwing it out there!

      • I will definitely do a post on the pillows. And I think they are easy enough you could probably do them by hand or if the fabric is light enough with some iron on seam bonding (no-sew). In the meantime, I just saw a tutorial recently on Little Green Notebook for envelope pillows (the only kind I make ‘cuz I’m terrified of zippers!) Her tutorial is good because she actually takes the time to measure things. . .I eyeball everything. Ha.

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