You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Mommy & Mac’s Favorite Snack

I’m rushing to get a few things done in this joint before the kid wakes up.  I can’t believe I’m starting to HATE it when I sleep in until 7:30. . .Oh the joys of parenting.

Anyway, here’s a snack I’ve been making for Mac regularly and he really enjoys it. . .And unfortunately so do I.

Spoiler Alert:  This is not the healthiest of snacks. . .which is why it’s SOOOOOO good!  

Here’s How:

1.  Place a large pat of butter in a skillet and allow it to melt at a high temperature.  However, don’t burn the butter.

2.  Construct a sandwich consisting of two pieces of softer type whole wheat or honey wheat bread, a slice of mild cheddar cheese and a slice of provolone cheese, and grape jelly.

3.  Make sure the bottom of the skillet is evenly covered with the melted butter.  Place sandwich in pan.  Cover with lid.

4.  Flip sandwich once to ensure both sides of the bread gets nice and brown and crispy.

5. Cut into bite sized pieces, allow to cool slightly.  Offer to kid with a big old glass of milk.

Clean Plate Club!

How easy was that?

You could also probably make the whole thing more Monte Christo-like by adding some sliced turkey or ham.  I also wondered how yummy this would be when made with some smaller sized left over pancakes or toasted freezer waffles?


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