Reluctant Mother v Husband: The Dish Drain

Years ago when we were doing some renovations to the house, there were certain things I requested. . .

Some of my most ridiculous requests were actually granted:  Expensive towel warmer we never use.

The towel warmer is above the toilet. . .money spent on it can be found in the toilet. But it does work really well, and looks great – when not hidden by towels!

Some of my more practical requests were shot down:  Garbage disposal.

Now, at the time, no one would give me a reason why I couldn’t have a garbage disposal.  I was just told I couldn’t have one.  And for some reason, I uncharacteristically didn’t press the issue.

Enter Mac, messy eater and distance food chucker extraordinaire:

Sure, I look cute, but Imma’ bout to chuck this at your head, Devil Woman. . .

Yes, we used a splat mat for a while, however, with the introduction of lots of solid foods, the splat mat became a big mess to shake out.  Literally.  (You don’t want a bunch of rats feasting on food scraps in your East-Baltimore back “yard”!).

So now we just clean the floor on our hands an knees with a damp towel and shake the mess off the towel into the sink or trash.

It just depends on whether we can actually get to the trash without the little monkey beating us to it.

The sink has one of those strainer gadgets over the drain.  But sometimes, due to the inconvenience and disgusting nature of emptying it, I allow it to fill up during the day, which causes the sink to back up, which causes me to move the strainer-thing so the sink will empty, which ultimately results in what I’m guessing (guessing husband, just guessing) is a considerable amount of food going down the drain anyway.

So one day, while my Husband was cleaning the thing I asked him again why we didn’t get a garbage disposal.

His answer, “I was told it encourages you to put things down the drain that normally shouldn’t go down the drain.”


Like this crap?

I’m pretty sure when he’s messing around with some kinda’ drain snake in a few months, he’ll realize the error of his ways. . .


16 thoughts on “Reluctant Mother v Husband: The Dish Drain

  1. I have one of these, and it really helps with the post-meal messes:

    It is pretty good at sucking up wet stuff too, and you can easily take it apart and clean it. It doesn’t suck up EVERYTHING…but it makes it much easier to clean up (less picking up from the floor). And when my clumsy ass drops an open box of cheerios on the floor (has happened twice in two weeks!), it comes in REALLY handy.

    I am known for washing the high chair tray in the sink with loads of food particles still on it, and I don’t always remember to put that damn drain/plug thing in place beforehand, so I am often picking crap out of the drain (or squishing it DOWN the drain). This backfired on me a couple of months ago when the damn thing leaked. The plumber that came to fix it said it was just a cheapy part and replaced it with something better, but I’m pretty sure there was a dinner for 10 floating around in that pipe under our sink. Yet I still do the exact same thing. Every damned day.

    You have inspired me to add a new item to my house wish list – garborator! 🙂

  2. I actually backed up our garbage disposal/sink by putting pasta down in it. Apparently, it will pulverize egg shells, but soggy pasta is a no-no. Who knew? Anyway, my daddy was a plumber and electrician who thought it imperative to make sure his daughters knew how to fix household problems. Therefore, I promptly put a drip basin under the gooseneck pipe leading from the garbage disposal to the drain pipe, and took apart the plumbing under the sink. Emptied the gooseneck portion into the garbage, reconnected everything and whaddaya know…. no more backed up drain! It’s easier than it sounds and I got MAJOR kudos from The Man for both knowing what to do and for saving us the money we would have spent on a plumber 🙂 Downside: I now have to fix the toilets whenever they back up, won’t flush, etc….lol

    • I had no idea you couldn’t put pasta in a garbage disposal! I’m glad you shared though. I’m sure at some point in my life, I would have tried that. It’s awesome you were able to troubleshoot it yourself too. I’m ok with the workings of a toilet – thanks to a couple very crappy rentals over the years. . .But I’m still a little intimidated by the sink. 🙂

      • Oh, don’t fear the sink! Embrace it. Look at it this way, if it backs up, you’ll need to call the plumber. BE BOLD WOMAN! Try to fix it yourself. The worst that can happen is….you’ll need to call the plumber 🙂

      • That’s an excellent way of looking at it. And when the plumber arrives and grumbles about what a mess our drain is, I’ll be sure to remind him, it was his brilliant suggestion that we NOT get a garbage disposal in the first place. Ha!

      • Exactly! By both of you trying to save money (him on not getting the disposal, and you by trying to fix the sink yourself)….it gets the point across 🙂 Bet you’ll have a disposal before the door hits the plumber in the ass on his way out!

      • Ha! Chris came home from work yesterday and asked me if I’d like him to install a garbage disposal. This blog thing is starting to pay off. Ha!

      • My Chris is actually “Christian” and I refused to use it if we ever had a boy…lol. Simply because he wanted him to be a ‘junior’ and to call him CJ. Something about initials as a moniker….just irks me!

      • I understand. Although, sometimes my Father was referred to as JD and I think he liked it. Normally, the context was “JD you sonnaofbitch” Ha.

        Ok. So maybe that’s a stellar example of why you shouldn’t use initials as a moniker.


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