What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Negative Nelly. . .

Ever since Mac started babbling, I’ve tried to be cognizant of over-using the word, “No.”  Obviously, he’s going to learn the word at some point but I had aspired to use more creative ways to ask him to stop doing the same annoying or dangerous crap over and over and over again.

I get tired saying the word.  Certainly he must tire of hearing it.

I thought I was doing a good job.  In fact, I’ve never heard him say “No.”  Although, I’ve seen him shake is head in a side to side clearly “no” gesture at me a few times.

Still, while he might not say “NO,” he certainly grasps the concept.

How do I know this?

Because he busts out the word “HOT” on me at least once every 5 minutes.

At first I thought it was adorable.

Maybe he thinks I’m a hot mamma?

Then I started putting the pieces together.

Yeah, I’m a genius.  His whining and displeased body language started to clue me in that his version of “hot” had a definite negative connotation.

He refers to everything he wants nothing to do with as “hot.”

Dinner?  He pokes a finger into his black bean quesadilla and exclaims “Hot!”

Needs his nose wiped?  Vigorously thrashes his head back and forth.  That tissue is “Hot!”

Time to put on shoes and socks?  “Hot! Hot!”

The car seat is apparently boiling “Hot!”

Getting his hair washed is scalding “Hot!”

Having his diaper changed is apparently as “Hot!” as the depths of Hell itself.

Where did he learn this magical word?

His Father, of course.


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