Friday Funny: You Were Drunk Weren’t You?

How else do you explain this Jacked-Up Jack-O-Lantern?

I suppose it’s possible the rats were nibbling at it. . .but I don’t see teeth marks.

Or maybe you just wanted to make something so jacked up, the neighborhood kids wouldn’t be tempted to ruin it (even more) by smashing it on the sidewalk?

I give you props though, you still displayed that shit proudly.  Good for you!

PS After staring at it at close range for entirely too long, I think maybe it’s supposed to be the Oriole’s O apostrophe S.  Maybe?


6 thoughts on “Friday Funny: You Were Drunk Weren’t You?

  1. I don’t think kids or animals got to it – looks like a failed attempt by someone – or somebodys first carving… I mean, why else would they display that sad, very sad looking pumpkin?

      • Odd- it could have been an adult though. My hubby had never carved pumpkins until I met him – and between you and me, his first carving was pretty sad…

  2. I don’t don’t even know. I’m trying to figure out if it’s some sort of nerd or game reference, like our Darth Vader pumpkin (which did get smashed up on the side walk by kids grrr) But I’m so baffled!

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