Here We Go. . .Again. . .

We’re headed out-of-town for a quick birding trip.  Going to stalk some waterfowl on the Eastern Shore.

It’s COLD here this morning so I’m not sure how much FUN the birding will be but Chris was smart enough to offer up the Hyatt in Cambridge as accommodations.  They have room service, an indoor pool, a huge fireplace for roasting marshmallows and a spa (but I’m way too high-strung to enjoy the spa. . .we tried that once, I nearly died of panic during a massage).  So at least I know we have room service and kid-friendly fun awaiting us!

At any rate, it’s a quick trip and I’ll be back to regular posting soon enough.  In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll be Tweeting about our adventures.  @homeeckwreck

I have a LOT to get done before we head out.  See ya soon and stay snarky!  XO



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