You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: FASTEST Dinner Salad EVER

It’s about 70 degrees out today.  It’s sunny.  Birds are happy.

There’s no way in hell, I’m messing around for too long in the kitchen.

Tonight’s dinner was supposed to be ravioli. . .but I don’t feel like making the sauce.  So the fastest salad EVER is going to happen instead.

NOTE:  I refer to this as a Greek Salad.  Although, I’m certain this version is world’s away from an authentic Greek salad. . .

Greek Salad

Here’s How:

1.  Any time you have about 5 free minutes on the day you plan to serve the salad, finely slice one red onion.  Also chop about 2 medium cucumbers into half moons (maybe about 1/4 thick).  Combine the cucumbers and onions in a large mixing/salad serving bowl.

2.  Wash a pint or pint and a half of grape tomatoes and toss them in the salad bowl too.

3.  Cover the vegetables loosely with a cloth kitchen towel and place in the fridge.

4.  A few minutes before serving, add kalamata olives and copious amounts of good feta cheese to the salad.

5.  Dress with a commercially prepared Greek dressing.

7.  Serve with whole wheat pitas.  (You can either stuff the salad in the pitas or eat them individually.

Seriously, how fast was that?  7 minutes tops?

If you have a very carnivorous family I’m sure you could toss in some grilled chicken, steak, or shrimp.  You could also add chickpeas or other beans to up the protein.

Wouldn’t you rather be doing this instead of wasting great weather in the kitchen?

Canton Waterfront Park

Canton Waterfront Park


One thought on “You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: FASTEST Dinner Salad EVER

  1. yummy! I dish up salads like that to go before a meal. Love feta cheese.. I’m addicted. Oh and can’t forget the olives. Yum! I hate wasting time in the kitchen so this is a great meal idea.

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