Friday Funny: Is The Romance Dead? Pillow Talk

Things I’ve said to my Husband while in bed recently. . .

“Well, the last time I washed it all this fuzz went everywhere.”  In reference to the old dog bed.

“I’m sorry I made so much noise.”  In reference to trying to plug-in my phone charger in near darkness while tipsy.

“I’m sorry, it made me gag.”  Regarding some heartburn brought about by eating a salad smothered in ranch dressing and onions at 10 PM.

“Would you mind rolling over and keeping that away from me?”  In reference to his iPhone while he listens to bird calls and mumbles about them just before he falls asleep.

Things my Husband has said while in bed recently. . .

“Stop biting me!”  To the asshole cat under the covers.

“It’s hard.”  Regarding an object he was lying on and couldn’t locate. . .later determined to be a Lego.

“I feel all itchy.”  The evening after Mac and I ate a bunch of Cheerios in bed.

“The persistent quack of the mallard . . .snore”  Yes.  Really.  

Oddly, I’ve never wanted him more. . .

Need more funny?  One Classy Motha has a very amusing story about the eye doctor and  The Jiggly Bits cracked me up with her post about why you shouldn’t have kids earlier this week.

Speaking of fun and funny, I’ll be back later today to announce the winners of this week’s Life Well Blogged No Laughing Allowed eBook give-away.


8 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Is The Romance Dead? Pillow Talk

  1. I loved this! I have to start paying attention to all things we say that, if taken out of context, sound ridiculous.
    Thanks for including me this week, that was so appreciated!

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