RESOLUTIONS?! Laugh More in the New Year with Life Well Blogged

51GukHsDvrL._AA160_Hey, are you one of those assholes that still have enough hope and dignity left to actually believe you can change?

Are you making RESOLUTIONS?!

You’re making your list now aren’t you?  And Christmas is barely over!!

While you’re seated at your computer with a cup of some herbal tea that tastes like dirty dishwater and a snack consisting of 10 almonds and a slice of Parmesan cheese that makes a histology slide look decadently thick.

You are downloading the Couch to 5K app.  Maybe you’ve booked an entire year’s worth of Doctor’s visits, yoga classes, and teeth whitening sessions?

At the very least you’ve sworn off gnawing your hang-nails in public and vowed to stop drinking ranch dressing. . .

Speaking of drinking. . .

I know you haven’t giving up drinking cocktails.

Have you?!

Fortunately, I’m here to save you from yourself!

Face it, by January 4th, you’re going to be a miserable monster.

Resolutions suck.

What you need is a great laugh. . .and to feel better about yourself. . .

Duh.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. . .

Get some!  

Life Well Blogged has enough hilarity to get you through at least 2 more weeks of treadmill self-torture.

Go to Amazon.  Get the books.


They are inexpensive.  A portion of the proceeds go to a great cause.

You can read them anytime. . .anywhere.

Laugh more in the new year. . .With Life Well Blogged, that’s a resolution you can keep!!

Screw the rest of that difficult self-improvement crap.

The books are No Laughing Allowed and To Bliss and Back.  I’m proud to be a contributor to both books.  A portion of all proceeds benefits Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  Trust me, they are hilarious.  Happy New Year!  


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