Friday Funny: Sweet Baby Jesus

Old Habits Die Hard. . .

Or in this case, are simply (ahem) resurrected every Christmas. . .

(Yes, I realize resurrection is technically Easter. . .)

Our Mom has this Nativity scene.


It was hand-made by someone very talented. . .

It is defiled every year by idiots.

Years and years ago, it was considered a best practice to place a baby on their stomach to sleep.

Of course, it troubled my sisters and I to no end that little ceramic baby Jesus was in his manger face up.

So we started turning him face down.



We have issues from way back.

A donkey and perhaps one Wise Man was sacrificed in the process. . .Which we secretly glued and repainted. . .poorly. . .

I don’t think Mom will ever forgive us. . .And I can’t blame her.

Yet, after nearly 30 years, Sweet Baby Jesus is STILL getting flipped on his tummy as soon as Mom isn’t looking.


2 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Sweet Baby Jesus

  1. I “liked” this post back when you wrote it. While looking for a different post I “liked”, I came across this one and laughed all over again! I actually TOLD someone about this, it was THAT funny to me!

    • Awwwww! Thank you! I’m so glad it’s still making you chuckle. That’s what I aim to do. And thank you so much for telling someone about it! Hope you have a great weekend!

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