FRIDAY FUNNY: Another Remarkable Poop Product!

I was reading a Good Housekeeping magazine the other day and smack in the middle of the magazine I found this full-page ad!


In Good Housekeeping?!


I wonder if it would work on our kitty litter boxes?

Also, I’ve been a little MIA the past couple days.  I’ve been working on something else that is a joke:

DSC_0103Yes, that’s my closet.  It’s gotten completely out of hand, despite two other purges earlier this year.  This time I MEAN it!  I’m done!  This is ridiculous!

Hope you have a great weekend!  I’ll be back soon, if the closet doesn’t kill me!



12 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUNNY: Another Remarkable Poop Product!

  1. Sorry, I’m still reeling from reading “I was reading a Good Housekeeping magazine.” I realize I’ve only just “met” you recently and in cyberspace… it doesn’t fully compute. See, you think you know people, and then they pull something like this… Is this a habit? I need to know.

    • Um yeah. . .I also read Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens. . .SHAMEFUL I realize! What can I say? I love feeling terribly inadequate as a housekeeper.

    • Ha! It’s true. I’m still slogging through it all. I swear I’m not a hoarder! It’s a beautiful closet – all cedar but some of the shelves are so tall, they just aren’t convenient and get all jammed up with junk. . .for YEARS!

    • If I thought my Husband would let me “waste” the money, I’d order it to see if it worked. We have lots of opportunity around here with the pets and diapers! Ha

    • Yes!! There’s a Norfolk Island Pine in my closet. I stashed it there when I discovered the kid wouldn’t leave it alone anywhere else in the house. It will officially come out of the closet soon enough I hope. 🙂

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