Friday Funny: Direct Mail Marketing Fail

What the hell is this guy doing?!  He looks like he’s fighting with that Doc Ock character from one of Mac’s super hero comic books. . .(or worse).

Doc Ock

It’s a direct mail piece from a local gym.  Sent to our house?  ME!?

Obviously, they need to re-evaluate their marketing strategy.

I haven’t been in a gym since college. . .I certainly don’t aspire to fight Doc Ock. . .

Now, if they sent me a mailer depicting this guy wrestling a gigantic bottle of rum in a vat of cookie dough ice cream, that might be a different story. . .

If you need any help with your marketing, Canton Club, just let me know. . .my calendar is WIDE open!


6 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Direct Mail Marketing Fail

    • Wonder what would happen if I demanded to meet this “strapping” fellow? I’ll bet it would make for an interesting blog post. He could show me some exercises while I chased the kid around – sneaking his snacks!

    • Ha! There’s still time to turn it around! Get yourself some cookie dough ice cream and some pajama jeans, skip a shower or three. . .You’ll be well on your way to livin’ the dream! 🙂

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