Excuse Me?! Cursing Toddler Style

Son of a FishMac mumbles and babbles a lot.  Most of the time I can clearly make out bits and pieces of what he’s saying but there’s still a large part, I can’t quite understand – especially if he’s excited or upset.

He is building a pretty good vocabulary and I have to say I’m impressed with his increasing ability to enunciate words and even “parrot back” things I ask him to say.  (Like Broccoli. . .I LOVE hearing that kid say broccoli!)

I’ve already mentioned that he has built up an impressive repertoire of words that sound like “Fuck.”  And months ago, I confessed that we allowed him to watch The Big Year often during meal time because he liked it and it kept him from throwing food all over the kitchen.

I believe when I mentioned the movie, I admitted it contained a few curse words.  Chris and I are extremely careful about NOT cursing in front of him.  However, both of us feared Mac could learn the words from watching the movie repeatedly.

It’s horrible, but we were willing to risk it just to ensure there wasn’t spaghetti sauce on our ceiling. . .

Mac’s been saying lines from the movie and imitating the tone of the characters for maybe 6 weeks now when he watches it.  His Father finds this particularly amusing and encourages this behavior.

But the moment we were dreading finally occurred:

At one point in the movie one of the characters exclaims “Son of a Bitch!”

Chris and I nearly fell off our chairs when Mac proclaimed “Son of a FISH!”


10 thoughts on “Excuse Me?! Cursing Toddler Style

    • Me too! I love having them try to say “big” words. Years ago, my parents made a cassette tape recording of me doing the same thing when I was about 2 or 2.5. It’s classic. I’m hoping to do similar with Mac soon so he can hear it when he’s older.

  1. I have seen it countless times. Why is it toddlers so easily pick up swear words? I have seen some parents who think its so cute when they’re small, only to have the same words come back to haunt them as the child gets older.

    • I know. We try not to make a big deal about it. We don’t encourage it. We don’t use that language in his presence. He’s going to learn them – at school, no doubt but we’re doing our best to delay it as long as possible.

    • Thanks! It was pretty cute and funny. I’d still prefer if he didn’t say it ever again. (And so far he hasn’t). It’s so hard not to laugh but you don’t want to encourage it. I hope you have a great weekend! Best of luck to you too!

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