Friday Funny: Holy #$%#%^ What IS THAT?!

The other day, I took Mac to the park and the playground.  It was a nice day and we had a good time.  On the way back, while I was waiting at the cross walk, I looked across the street and noticed something I hadn’t seen previously:

Pagoda Screen

Whoa. . .The most impressive painted window screen I’ve ever seen!  It’s awesome isn’t it?  I couldn’t believe the detail.  I had never seen a screen so impressive.  I snapped a photo, made note of the artist, and then crouched down beside the stroller so I could point out the Pagoda and the dogs to Mac.

And that’s when I peered to the left.

And realized I was eye level with this:


I almost died from shock!

What the hell is that?  Why is it in someone’s basement window?!

People just aint’ right.

Enjoy your weekend!


10 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Holy #$%#%^ What IS THAT?!

  1. Oh shit! You parked Mac in front of that while you took in the beautiful park scene! Does he appear traumatized?
    Do me a favor, stay away from that house AND its occupants, ok? That’s too weird even for me.

    • I HEART Baltimore! It’s an eclectic place! I should mention for the sake of full disclosure that the conjoined demon baby was not in the basement window of the home with the beautiful painted screen but in one close-by. . .Ha!

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