Friday Funny: Something I Hope to Never Say Again

Do not

“Please do not put your penis on the table” is something I had to say yesterday.


19 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Something I Hope to Never Say Again

  1. OMG! You just made my day!! Nothing like children to bring out the most unique phrases. One time, my husband in great frustration said to our 2 year old son, “Just get your f****** pants on (you know how 2 year olds want to do it “myself”. After that, guess how often we heard,”I’ve got to get my f****** pants on”? Thanks for sharing. I’m going to tell your story a few times, I guarantee. But wait….are you going to share what drove you to that point?

    • Ha! I let an F bomb slip in Mac’s presence yesterday. The rest of the day I prayed he wouldn’t blurt it out. So far so good.

      The build up wasn’t too impressive. He’s always angling to run around as naked as possible. AND get on those kitchen stools. I find both of these desires off-putting but this time, I allowed it because I thought maybe if he was on the chair, he would concede putting on some pants. Of course, by the time I grabbed a diaper and pants, he was um introducing Mr. Penis to the kitchen table.

  2. I’ve had to issue way too many directives regarding my little boys penis! He seems to have figured out that it’s just easier to keep his pants on.

    I did have to tell him to stop licking the van yesterday though. Not sure what phase this is a sign of.

  3. OMG too funny! I recently wrote a post about some of the things I’ve heard myself saying to my kids. The worst was, “Don’t touch your butthole. That’s gross. Now go wash your hands.” So bad!!

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