Shut Up Already! Sunday: Sick and The Imagination Breakthrough!

Mac has his first cold and fever.

The nights have been a little rocky (gah!  Nightmare!!!) but we’re all still here to tell about it:

Swan Harbor Farm, Saturday. . .Following a night “sleeping” on Mac’s bedroom floor for me, the weatherman said the wind would be mild.  The weatherman is once again sadly mistaken. . .

DSC_0121 - Version 2

No new birds.  No “good” birds.  Missed church.  Realized Mac was pretty sick when we got home.

For the first time ever, gave Mac meds.  He clung to Daddy while I made Jello and home-made soup.  By 9 PM he had made an astounding comeback and refused to sleep. . .until 1 AM.  Daddy was a champ at 1 AM.  (thank  you!)

Back at it early Sunday. . .Visited the Rawlings Conservatory with the paternal Grandparents.  Home for a snack and a nap.

As soon as Mac got awake, I wanted him to help me with a project:  Painting some “eggs” for Easter cards:

DSC_0174 - Version 2 If you’re curious about HOW?  I’ll share in another post.  Wasn’t too messy.  Promise!

DSC_0182 - Version 2

We built an epic Lego structure:

DSC_0190 And then, the magic moment I had been anticipating for months:  I saw Mac take his little stuffed Mute Swan and pretend to “feed” it goldfish crackers!!!!  THIS?  This is what I’ve been waiting for!  I’ve been waiting for Mac to show definite signs of “pretending” or “imagination” so I can go all crazy imagination on him ALL DAY LONG!

I wasted no time!  As soon as I saw him feed the swan, I ripped a lid off an egg carton and swiftly made a “trough” for the other animals to feed from:

DSC_0197 - Version 2


Mac was IN TO IT!  I can’t tell you how excited I am!  Now that I know he understands “pretend,” my sick and expansive imagination is going to go CRAZY BIG MAMA style!

DSC_0199 - Version 2


“Big Mama” painted on the inside of a barn or shed door is an old “inside” family joke.  If you want to learn the origins or learn how to make a similar barn for pennies, let me know, I’ll put up an explanation and a tutorial.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Hope to see you back here bright and early!



10 thoughts on “Shut Up Already! Sunday: Sick and The Imagination Breakthrough!

  1. I was so excited when my first kid started to pretend play! My ass went right out and bought a cash register, pretend food, and a shopping cart. I had been waiting to play “grocery store” again, since I was 9! He indulged me for little bit then went back to his trains. Ugh stinkin trains.

    • Mac is showing some interest in trains and I’m very leery. I’m not a fan myself and I’d rather avoid them if possible. But seeing as how he and u already had a fight over crayons perhaps its better he has toys I don’t like so much. Ha!

  2. I am sitting at BWI laughing like a fool at the barn door. Too good. Careful when playing with young gray matter.

    • I’m glad you liked it! Poppy’s shed door is one of my most vivid and fondest memories. Too funny! You’re at BWI? Let us know if you get delayed or gave free time etc. Happy to meet up with you anytime. Xo

  3. Whoa! That is a pretty impressive lego tower! And the animals with the trough are adorable!!!! Can’t wait to see how you made the eggs with Mac… I think I should do a project with Avery for Easter… something that won’t make me want to pull my hair out or spend hours cleaning up post-activity… hmmm

    • This one wasn’t too bad. In case I don’t get the post up in time for you: I cut some big egg shapes out of cardboard and painted them white. Then I gave him Q-tips covered in paint for him to “polka dot” the eggs. It wasn’t too mess at all – and I used the real deal acrylic paints – not washable kind. Then when they dried, I covered the back with patterned paper. Made some envelopes out of the same paper and included a photo of Mac making the paintings that said “Some bunny loves you.” I tried to get him to wear his bunny ears for the photo but he refused. Oh well. Each Grandparent will get one as an Easter card. Fast and easy.

      • Wow, that’s an awesome idea! I’ll have to try it (If I find the time!) Maybe we’ll make it an activity on Easter Day – that way I have the family’s help to wrangle up Avery and keep him focused.

        And he wouldn’t wear the ears?! Oh well, that’s a toddler for you…. after trying to get Valentines Day photos of Avery, I’ve given up on the picture perfect holiday cards – they will now get ones of him covered in paint after painting eggs 🙂

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