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  1. I was updating my website when I came across a photo you took and your wonderfully kind words about my “Pagoda Dog” screen painting on Eastern Ave. I just took some photos of it in the window yesterday, but they are not nearly as clear as yours is. Would you mind if I used your photo on my website? I enjoyed looking at your site. Thank you for your post and enthusiasm for the little things in life!

    • Please, by all means, use the photo! Your painting is ah-mazing!! I snapped that pic with my phone but I’d be happy to try harder with my better camera. Your work is ah-mazaing! I would also be over the moon happy to meet you sometime. I have a rowhouse window that could use a little something. 🙂

  2. Wonderful! Thank you! You can look for Painted Screen events happening in your area on my website at http://www.paintedscreens.synthasite.com/Events-to-Paint-the-Town.php. It’s still a ways off, but the Painted Screen Society of Baltimore is planning to host free painting demos, hands-on painting, and workshops at the Maryland Traditions Folk Life Festival on June 15 at the Creative Alliance. Call me anytime about painting your window screen.

    • Thanks for the info! I hope it works that we can get to the Creative Alliance in June. That place is such a wonderful resource for our neighborhood. I’ll be sure to check out your website and let you know about the screen. Thank you!

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