9 thoughts on “Shameless Photos

    • Yes. It’s Nandy Bear. We have Groody and Suddy too. I’m sure Alex loves Ox! There is something irresistible about Ugly Dolls. Even my big, tough US Marshall Brother was fawning over Suddy the last time he was here for a visit!

  1. You totally need to add more photos here… you know, in all that spare time you have as a SAHM, 🙂 Between the laundry, pulling the kid off high furniture, teaching him words, numbers, manners, and how to bird watch 🙂

      • ooo exciting! can’t wait to see. I want to redesign mine… you know between work and Avery and the house and working out, obviously I have so much time for that, 🙂 good luck with yours, maybe if you do yours it’ll push me to do mine!

  2. I’m hating myself as I always do for enjoying other peoples’ baby pictures. It seems so anti-man, but I like the cute ones and this little fella qualifies. Thanks for sharing.

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